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Welcome to the latest update from McRae’s Sales, Lettings & Management. In this article we’re looking at how we offer clients peace of mind with a highly respected Reviews system and Code of Conduct.

We at McRae’s are proud to have been picked out as a beacon of Best Practice in the Estate Agency industry by the prestigious Parliamentary Review. Our efforts in helping to establish a transparent customer review service have been recognised as pioneering and an example for others in the property sector to follow.

You can see on this website that we have hundreds of reviews gathered in a way that cannot be faked. As we say ‘No Fake News with McRae’s Reviews’.


Managing Director Craig McRae is also now a member and representative of The Parliamentary Review and, adding to the reputation-enhancing praise from the Review, our clients have the added assurance of the Code of Ethics he and the company abide by.

The Parliamentary Review exists to share knowledge between industry leaders and policy makers.  The Parliamentary Review and its representatives promise to adhere to a set of principles and values.


We look to share knowledge with the wider business community in order to raise standards and improve competitiveness across the country. We offer honest and considered advice and opinions.

We treat all business associates with the utmost courtesy and respect, making every conceivable effort to deal exclusively with businesses and individuals of repute.

In addition, we look to represent accurately, to the best of our knowledge, the concerns of our industry as we see them and demonstrate leadership and commitment in our field and be a lodestar to policymakers and others in the sector.

We want to deliver a positive social impact and work diligently to maintain and share a high level of relevant and current professional knowledge.

We aim to engage with policymakers at a local and national level with honesty and forthrightness, making clear to them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.


Craig McRae says: “In looking to raise our own standards at McRae’s we have been recognised as a force to help raise standards across the industry. Our customers and associates can be assured by our Reviews system and by the Code of Ethics that we adhere to. In these challenging times, a little peace of mind can be a good thing. We look to offer that to our clients at McRae’s. We believe operating ethically and with integrity is the best way forward. Dare I suggest The Only Way is Ethics?”

More from us soon. In the meantime, Take Care and Keep Safe.